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Vi har blivit mer kortläsa…

Vi har blivit mer kortläsare (via @izettle)! Planen är att ha med borstar ut på plats. Lokalt på riktigt.
Kanske att vi lägger till ett swish-nummer senare. Det kostar lite mer men bara lite. Vad tycker ni? Kort, cash, swish?

Dessutom byter vi till att skriva på svenska. De blir enklare och förhoppningsvis personligare så.

Trevligt sändande! ♥️

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Happy holidays!

For 2017 I had two main goals. I wanted to finish the Senders hat and I also wanted to adjust the long term vision for Sten.

The hat (of course) turned out to be much harder than I thought. Sewing one is hard but making a product that’s possible to produce is harder. All seams have to be optimised, there are surprisingly hard decisions ta make (e.g. velcro, button or some other closing system) and the blueprint has to be adjusted to fit other than myself. It has been a steep and roller coaster like learning process. I think I’m happy with how the hat turned out now and some more hats are on it’s way out for testing.

For the long term vision I wanted to make the brand even more local. Change the goals, from having some distant idea of making a living from it, to making good products and having fun while doing so. I also like to be more transparent about the brand and to work even harder on making it friendly to the environment (e.g. replace the last small bits of the non nature materials). I’m not there yet – the work will surely continue during 2018 and we’ll see in a year :)

Both brushes and buckets can be ordered now to get before christmas!

We – the ambassadors team and I – want to wish you a happy holidays and we really hope that 2018 will be your best climbing year ever!


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Product news! Fall is here…

Product news!
Fall is here! Temperatures + humidity are coming down and it’s time to start working on those projects!
Anyone needs a brush – skincare combo?
What should we call the new product? The best name idea wins this combo brush :) #bouldering #climbing #boulderbrush #skincare
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Gotland boulder session 2016!

We are a proud sponsor of the Gotland Boulder Session again! The fine boulder weekend just outside of Visby at Östergarnsklipporna! It’s one of the few areas in Sweden where you climb on limestone. If you can just go there!

1_2016-04-12 19.55.38

This is also the first event where to win a Sten brush drawn by Christoffer Stigberg!

Gotland boulder session 2016 weather conditions

The conditions looks awesome so please climb one extra for me! Happy sending!

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Hand drawn brushes!

We’ve been working together with local artist and climber Christoffer Stigberg to make 20 unique boulder brushes! We have 10 of them and he has 10. You will have the chance to get them at the special occasions below. Stay tuned for more info!

  • Brush 1/10: Gotland Boulder Session
  • Brush 2/10: ?
  • Brush 3/10: ?
  • Brush 4/10: ?
  • Brush 5/10: ?
  • Brush 6/10: ?
  • Brush 7/10: ?
  • Brush 8/10: ?
  • Brush 9/10: ?
  • Brush 10/10: ?

Happy sending!