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Fix your worn out boulder brush

After intensive usage, sometimes, even your Sten brush looks a bit unevenly worn out. Just cut away the tip and sand the edge round. Almost as good as new. Just a tad shorter.

The image above is from yesterday in Utby (just outside Gothenburg). I’m working on my long time project, Voodoo. I didn’t do it yesterday either. Next time :)

Happy sending!

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Sten @ Banff in Gothenburg!

The yearly mountain and action-sport film festival Banff is in Gothenburg next week and Sten will show products there! So please come by and talk to us! See the program and trailer for more info. And look at the Facebook event.

Thanks a lot to my friends at Pathfinder Travels for letting me display my products and talk to all the people at Banff! You are the best!


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Sten boulder bags shipped!

Thanks for the overwhelming response to our new Sten boulder bag! A boulder chalk bag made in Sweden from re-used old jeans. The first bags where shipped last week and from what I’ve seen on Facebook they have come to use already :)

When you order you can write if want a dark, light, black or mixed bag and we’ll make our best to match it. For now you’ll have to order via the contact form then I’ll send you a photo of the bag before you’ll get the payment info.

Some of the first shipped bags looks like this.

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Sten boulder bag!

A bag to keep your chalk in when bouldering. Made by reused denim in Sweden.

A bag to keep your chalk in when bouldering. Made by reused denim in Sweden.

I’ve been working so hard for this and finally the Sten boulder bag is DONE! A boulder bag made by old denim jeans, waxed with bees wax and paraffin to keep dirt out and the chalk in. It’s hand made in Sweden.

We believe in reuse. The jeans on the picture here is a pair that I inherited from a friend 17 years ago. You can send your old worn out favorite jeans to me and I’ll make them into a bag. If you are interested in that please contact me. Of course you can also have me select the fabric for you. We’ll probably have other materials available later as well. If you have any preferences in color, wash or fabrics please let me know. We are not totally done with the pricing yet but are guessing on 500 SEK including one Sten boulder brush.

The bags are made by hand in our own studio in Sweden and we are really proud to make that work. Making our own products is new to us so expect delivery times to be a couple of weeks. We’ll work on that and learn to be more efficient as we go, please bear with us for now.

A bag to keep your chalk in when bouldering. Made by reused denim in Sweden.

Sewing the boulder bag was meant to be the first product for Sten. I mean, how hard can it be? Really hard, as it turned out. Luckily the boulder brush was easier. When I started I didn’t know anything about making patterns or producing. It has been a steep learning curve and my attempts have been like a roller coaster. One day I felt like a genius, the next not so much.

Many people have helped make this product possible. Thanks to all you. A special extra mega warmest thanks goes to Sofia, Johanna, Fredrik, Mikaela, Dagny, Ea and Padde. You are the best!

Happy sending!

P.S. We are glad for all feedback so please share with us!

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Fjällsport Open!

We are a really proud to be sponsoring the outdoor bouldering event Fjällsport Open this weekend!

It’s an outdoor social get-together (or competition if you prefer) on a secret location that Padde on Fjällsport has been working hard to make climbable again after many years in the hidden.


Some months ago I had the chance to visit the area to test the problems and I can tell you it’s nice. There is something for everybody.


I cut my finger on one of the first problems I climbed there so most of them are new to me as well. Guess on what problem when you see the topo :)

See you on Sunday!

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Boulder brush updates

We are just done producing another batch of Bamboo boulder brushes!

We’ve made some improvements since the first version. Generally we avoid using version numbers for our products as we see it more as they evolve naturally during time.

To clarify we’ll describe the updates that the Bamboo boulder brush has gotten.

As you can see it’s the same brush and bristle with minor improvements. The current version is the more rounded one.
It's rounded! We got some feedback that the edge of the brush sometimes hit the rock when brushing. We fixed it by grinding the four corners off.
We’ve gotten some feedback that the edge of the brush sometimes hit the rock when brushing. We improved it by grinding the corners off.
We've made the edges a bit softer to hold by sanding them of a bit. They also fit easier to a smaller chalk bag now.
We’ve also made the edges a bit softer to hold by sanding them of. They also fit easier to a smaller chalk bag now.

That’s all for now and don’t hesitate to write to us if you have ideas!

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Sten who?

Sten is a climbing brand based in Gothenburg. It started in 2013 when we released our first product – the Bamboo brush – which found it’s way to retailers and users.

We believe that the closer relations you make with factories, retailers and customers, the better products. We strive to make everything minimalistic (including life in general but that’s another story) and smart. We believe that’s better for you when using the products, the environment for saving resources and for us using less materials when producing.

Sten doesn’t own any factories. Instead we make samples, product development and limited series ourselves. Then we develop those ideas and visions together with the pros to make the products. Then we continue to refine the products. Every day – step by step.

We try to be open so if you have any questions, feedback or ideas please write to us. You find the contact information on the information page.