Fix your worn out boulder brush

After intensive usage, sometimes, even your Sten brush looks a bit unevenly worn out. Just cut away the tip and sand the edge round. Almost as good as new. Just a tad shorter.

The image above is from yesterday in Utby (just outside Gothenburg). I’m working on my long time project, Voodoo. I didn’t do it yesterday either. Next time :)

Happy sending!

Author: Ola

Doer & climbing enthusiast. I run the climbing brand Sten & the blog Klätterbilder. Consulting with IT & marketingteaching at Folkuniversitetet. I love to take pictures.

One thought on “Fix your worn out boulder brush”

  1. Har du en såg på fällkniven så blir det ännu enklare, framförallt om den är av hårdplast.

    Sen kan man klippa ner de längre stråna så att alla har samma (hårdare) längd.

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