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Sten who?

Sten is a climbing brand based in Gothenburg. It started in 2013 when we released our first product – the Bamboo brush – which found it’s way to retailers and users.

We believe that the closer relations you make with factories, retailers and customers, the better products. We strive to make everything minimalistic (including life in general but that’s another story) and smart. We believe that’s better for you when using the products, the environment for saving resources and for us using less materials when producing.

Sten doesn’t own any factories. Instead we make samples, product development and limited series ourselves. Then we develop those ideas and visions together with the pros to make the products. Then we continue to refine the products. Every day – step by step.

We try to be open so if you have any questions, feedback or ideas please write to us. You find the contact information on the information page.

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